10 Best Gaming Laptops under $2500 in 2020

10 Best Gaming Laptops under $2500 in 2020

The invention of a variety of top-notch best gaming laptop under $2500 from the world-class leading companies has replaced the need for hefty gaming PCs. They provide you access to go beyond the boundaries of almost everything, setting up VR to HTC Vive or Ocular Rift and playing games with 4K resolution and immersing yourself in the gaming world.

The advantage of portability lets the gaming laptops win over the gaming PCs. Just for the detailed level and ultra-rich 4K resolution, you don’t need to go for a hefty desktop rig, as high-end best gaming laptops are packed up with exclusively high power too. You can easily carry them to any corner of your home or friend’s place.

Well, with a considerable price tag of $2500, you can quickly get the premium-quality, detailed-graphics, and high-end model to have excellent gaming experience. After detailed research on all the esteemed brands with their high-end models, we came up with top-ten best gaming laptop under $2500.

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Best Gaming Laptop Buyer’s Guide

As the top-named brands emerging day by day with their incredible models, loaded with brilliant features, it’s almost a challenging task to choose the best one. At one end, Asus impresses everyone with its exclusive quality, while at another end, Razer Blade has wowed everyone for its great value.

It would be best if you make some considerations before buying the best gaming laptop under 2500 dollars. Some of the factors include:

  • Display: If you want your laptop to be portable enough, then go for the gaming laptop with 15” screen instead of 17”. Although 17” display laptops provide QHD+ 4K resolution and better quality, they will add a lot in the overall weight of the system. If being hefty is not a great deal for you, then you can go for larger displays.
  • SSD: When you are choosing the best gaming laptop, then always give preference to SSD storage instead of HDD because it ensures faster speeds, enhancing the overall performance. However, if it’s economical for you, then go for 512GB SSD coupled with 1TB Hard Drive memory to get things done within seconds.
  • GPU: GPU is the king of a gaming laptop; however, a laptop has to do nothing with gaming unless it contains Nvidia or AMD GPU. So, when it comes to the best gaming laptop, you should prefer AMD FreeSync Technology or Nvidia G-Sync for a smoother gaming flow and enhanced refresh rate.
  • Memory: Here comes another important thing you have to consider for the best laptop which determines the efficiency of your laptop. Your laptop must contain at least 8GB RAM for gaming. But if you are looking for some high-end models to put a heavy gaming load on it, then at least 16GB RAM or above must be your priority. It will let you have multiple gaming sessions along with the video streaming without even a little breakdown on the speed.
  • Price: Price is going to determine the quality of your gaming laptop. The larger the price, the better will be your laptop, and the best would be the experience. However, the best gaming laptops under 2500 dollars contain 16GB RAM, Nvidia GPU, SSD storage, along with some other high-end features, including ultra-HD 4K resolution. Before getting yourself into this task, first, decide how much you can invest in your gaming experience.

Asus ROG Strix Scar Edition – Best Overall

  • Remarkable 3D soundstage
  • Maximum gaming firepower
  • 6X faster software
  • Limited battery lifespan


The first and best, Asus ROG Strix Scar, is one of the best gaming laptops under $2500, packed with all the brilliant features for an incredible gaming experience. The thin profile, coupled with exceptionally lightweight and classy construction and a unique carbon fiber keyboard design, distinguishes this laptop from other gaming laptops in the market.

A rarely found panel in a laptop under $2500, the gaming-standard IPS-Type panel is present in Asus ROG for blazing fast, smooth, and lifelike experience with 144Hz high refresh rate. Forget the gaming desktops, because this laptop has exceeded the NVIDIA specs for VR to provide you a powerful and low-latency VR experience.

Moreover, moving on to the keyboard layout, this laptop contains an ergonomic design with four RGB-Backlit zones and enlightened QWER keys for a comfortable experience in MOBA games. The smart amplifying technology and two expandable side speakers provide a 200% more clear and louder sound with voice-volume stabilization and noise cancellation.

The innovative thermal design, multiple heat pipes, and double-fan system maximize the performance of the CPU and GPU at the fullest potential without heating-up the system. Another standing feature of this laptop, which makes it a top-model, is its 802.11ac Wi-Fi Standard and two-antenna system for ultra-fast signal transmission and reception.


MSI GS65 Stealth Bezel – Lightweight and Thin

  • Sleek, powerful design
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable
  • G-Sync missing


With pretty amazing specs, MSI Stealth Bezel is the best gaming laptop when it comes to affordability and ultra-thin construction. With the versatility as a top priority, this laptop is designed to fit perfectly under the category of best gaming laptop under $2500, as you can freely throw this sturdy notebook in your backpack, anywhere along with you.

The luxurious matte-black aluminum case is embellished with gold accents containing more disciplined aesthetics compared to some high-end models. Moreover, the stunning MSI’s IPS-level 144Hz display with Cooler Boost Technology and NTSC powerful display let you immerse in the world of the fluid gameplay.

The VR experience is much enhanced than its previous models due to NVIDIA GTX 1070 Graphics, and it can handle most of the gaming genres on the market. Interestingly, the three-fan and four-Heatpipe systems maximize the performance under thrilling gaming conditions.

The customized RGB keyboard illumination, high-bass advanced speaker technology, and DoubleShot Pro connectivity are some other perks you will get in this price range. Unfortunately, G-Sync technology is not present, but still, you get more than enough for the cost you pay.

Alienware AAW-17R4 Gaming Laptop – A Luxury Choice

  • G-SYNC Display
  • Eye-tracking enabled
  • Luxury VR visuals
  • Average battery life
  • Medium heat-sync system


Alienware, being the best gaming laptop under $2500, offers an ideal combination of premium-quality advanced technology with the maximum performance. This laptop provides a mind-blowing virtual reality experience with its luxurious NVIDIA VR-System to get your Oculus and Vive ready. You are going to enjoy awesome and realistic visuals on this laptop.

Equipped with all the tools, which gamers need, this laptop comes with Killer DoubleShot Pro Network for both wired and wireless connectivity ensures data streaming. Moreover, you are going to get smoother and intricate details with its ultra-wide FHQ 120Hz QHD-resolution display keeping the brightness up to 400nits.

A sturdy look, a classy design, and powerful construction make this laptop one of the best gaming laptops under $2500. An impressive Alienware Tact-X keyboard contains 2.2mm key-travel distance with 108-key commands for a rapid response, without causing even a bit interruption in your scorching battlefield.

No matter how much wattage you are going to put it on, it smartly cools-down the internal components up to a certain level with its advanced thermal technology, while keeping the performance on the peak. Powerful compact speakers, intelligent system, realistic gaming functions, and exclusive apps are some other perks you will get in this laptop under $2500.

Gigabyte AERO Classic-15X – Ideal Battery Life


  • Excellent performance
  • A great battery life
  • Appealing display
  • Middling touchpad



Here comes the refreshed model of Gigabyte Aero 15X, which emanated out in 2018 and was considered as the best gaming laptop under 2500 dollars due to its remarkable features. But it has some issues with drivers. However, the refreshed Gigabyte Aero 15X has solved those issues to some extent and added some additional specs to have flawless gaming experience.

A sophisticated ultra-thin and lightweight aluminum design finished up with matte-black polishing exhibits beautiful accents of RGB lightings on the keyboard. However, the touchpad is improved to a great extent, with multiple touch inputs for greater precision and functionality.

This best gaming laptop has got you covered, providing an ideal battery lifespan of 9-hours. Well, battery life is a downfall for many top-models, but Gigabyte Aero Classic has won this round. In this refreshed version, AERO used NAHIMIC 3 Virtual Sound System for rich room-filling sound, high-performance Intel parts, along with multipurpose 6-core Intel CPU for an enhanced experience.

Moreover, you can enjoy your uninterrupted ultra-fast gaming with Killer Wireless-AC 1550 DoubleShot Pro Technology, which provides adequate bandwidths. The UHS-II Card Reader with a transfer rate of 300MBs, Thunderbolt 3, and HDMI 2.0 for 4K image output are some other perks you’ll get in this Classic laptop.


Razer Blade Pro 17 Gaming Laptop – Best For Dedicated Gamers

  • Powerful gaming CPU
  • Sleek and slim case
  • Great audio
  • Faster transfer speeds
  • Pretty costly
  • Average battery life



The advanced version of Razer Blade is now on the floor with the modern Nvidia Turing RTX Architecture graphics card, i.e., GeForce RTX 2080. It fits handsomely under the category of the best gaming laptop under $2500, as it is packed up with a lot of captivating features. The graphics are enough to run Metro Exodus at 50fps and maximum visuals.

When the Razer Blade launched first in 2018, it was the skinniest and the lightest laptop in the market, but the invention of far more thin laptops has changed its status. Well, the appealing design, the classy aluminum chassis with smooth-black finishing, and the lightweight construction make it not only the best gaming laptop but also a suitable replacement for your daily notebook.

You will get amazed at first with the cinematic-quality AI light, treated with Ray Tracing Technology, and you’ll feel immersing deeper into the stunning visuals. The 240Hz FHD ultra-bright smooth display adds much to the visuals and provides an unrivaled gaming experience.

Most interestingly! Razer Blade 17 Pro comes with Vapor Chamber Cooling System, instead of the traditional heat pipes, to allow heat dissipation and maximize the performance. The only downfall of Razer Blade 17, which is common in many laptops, is an average battery lifespan, which is still bearable, making this purchase worth.


Asus ROG Strix GL-702VS – Great Value

  • A great value
  • Excellent performance
  • Impressive SSD storage
  • A classy design
  • Average battery life



If you are looking for a great value and a fascinating gaming performance with a price tag of 2500 dollars, then Asus ROG Strix GS-702VS has got you covered. It’s the best gaming laptop under $2500 when it comes to the elegant metallic construction, outstanding thermals, impressive weight, and ultra-thin chassis even it packs up 10-series graphics.

Asus GS-702VS comes with a chiclet gaming keyboard embellished with red-backlit scissor keys and a travel distance of 1.6mm for the tactile gaming experience. Moreover, the noise-canceling microphones filter out the ambient noise and form a clear sound. It means that you can still use this laptop in some LAN party or busy area.

This laptop is specially designed to add portability to the gaming laptops, so you can easily snug it in your backpack, and seriously you won’t feel it heavy. Well, coming to the device connections, the reversible USB C-port transfers your data at ultra-fast speeds of 10Gbps through Gen1 and 3.1 USB. Don’t you think it’s wonderful for getting your things done in seconds?

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to introduce an immersive gaming environment, ROG Strix 702 contains a mini Display-Port to get appealing ultra-HD larger displays. It fits perfectly under the category of the best gaming laptop under 2500 dollars because it offers a variety of incredible features, which are worthy of the cost.


Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model – Smallest Gaming Laptop

  • Highly portable
  • Excellent build quality
  • Wide range of GPU and CPU
  • A bit costly



Here’s the advanced version of the Razer Blade 15 base model, packed up with pretty amazing features, and surely going to provide you with incredible gaming experience. Razer Blade is a well-known brand which is manufacturing the best gaming laptops while keeping a perfect balance between performance, portability, and power.

Being one of the world’s smallest gaming laptop under $2500, Razer Blade 15 comes in an astonishing aluminum chassis embellished with white mercury green-logo illumination on the lid. Moving on to bezel display; this laptop exhibits an edge-to-edge ultra-HD display with enhanced 144Hz Refresh Rate visuals and clarity for a phenomenal gaming experience.

The speedy loading times, combined with quick startups, are a thing to consider. Moreover, the system memory and storage is expandable up to 64GB and 2TB to explore the laptop’s fullest potential. The Bespoke Vapor Chamber Cooling System initiates heat dissipation along with maximizing the performance when you’ll throw heavy loads on it.

This laptop has won over some high-end models because of its extra portability; the size is suitable to carry anywhere. Getting a huge gaming power in a tiny notebook is a remarkable thing, Razer has achieved. The average 6-hour battery-life is not ideal when compared to its competitors, but still enough.


Dell XPS 15 Gaming Laptop – Infinity-Edge Display

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Attractive infinity-edge display
  • Remarkable performance
  • A great battery life
  • Gets little hotter



The actual crown ornament for Dell XPS 15 is a modified infinity-edged ultra-HD display perfectly ditching the chunky bottom bezel. And that’s a fantastic thing when you want to immerse yourself completely in your gaming world. Some pretty tweaks have been added to the keyboard, chassis, and touchpad, which make it the best portable laptop under $2500.

The classy Dell design has reached the peak-level perfection with ultra-slim chassis, elegant smooth-silver aluminum lid, a much-larger responsive touchpad, and larger keycaps. The three USB-C Ports on the bottom for charging and adding external displays, including thunderbolt-3 port, which can support two 4K screens with ultra-quick connectivity.

A higher resolution ultra-HD visuals exhibit a unique touch display technology with six-million more pixels to add adventurous flavor to your gaming. Moreover, Dell XPS 15 is only the best laptop containing 100% Adobe RGB to provide vivid color representation.

No matter if you want to run Metro Exodus or any other massive game, this laptop smartly handles the situation with its high-performance responsiveness. You get plenty of storage space to store anything you want. However, every feature of this laptop is impressive, but many customers have claimed about getting it hotter when used continually.


Asus ZenBook 15 – Incredibly Ultra-Slim Laptop


  • Enhanced ScreenPad functions
  • Impressive audio
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Highly portable
  • Little dim display



With an ideal combination of Intel Comet Lake Processor and enhanced ScreenPad Technology in an ultra-slim lightweight deep-blue aluminum chassis, Asus Zenbook 15 is one of the best gaming laptops under 2500 dollars. Asus is a well-known best gaming laptop brand, which knows how to fit powerful components into a beautiful sleek chassis.

Converting gimmicks into bona fide features, Zenbook 15 has a durable construction with a barrage of the MIL-STD-810G testing. It can bear beating, extreme shocks, higher altitudes, and varied temperatures without even a minimal change in its performance. The increasing marvels of engineering emerged out with a 15.6-inch display into 14-inch chassis with thin bezels on this laptop.

A standing feature of this best laptop is its 2.0 Screen Pad Technology, which is powered by ScreenXpert Software, with 2140×1080 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate to improve productivity and maximize the performance. The impressive audio quality powered by Audio Wizard Software and a smart amplifier let you immerse in the gaming world.

The Zenbook 15 has gone well in the battery test and lasted eight and a half hours with 150-nits screen brightness and other visuals at the peak. When it comes to the best gaming laptops, having a battery life of eight hours is really not a bad thing, because gaming laptops exhibit potent settings and high-end resolutions.


Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED World’s First AI Laptop

  • OLED color-accurate display
  • High-end performance
  • RGB backlit per key
  • Affordable
  • A little dimmer display



Designed by the gaming professionals, Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED is specially designed for gaming enthusiasts with AI display for the first time in any laptop. This large beast has 15” ultra-UD OLED thin bezels, X-Rite Pantone display, with a vibrant LED logo on the lid and the beautiful accents on the back and bottom adding a classy flavor to this laptop.

It is one of the best gaming laptops under $2500 because it contains powerful hardware running through intelligent software. It includes the 10th generation, eight-core processor, Nvidia GTX GPU, and 3840×2160 4K resolution, which is more than enough to have a remarkable gaming experience. However, this hardware is worth the price.

Moreover, in this best gaming laptop, you can adjust the CPU and GPU wattage settings for various apps through Microsoft Azure AI. Well, moving on to the camera, which is hidden on the bottom bezel through adjustable camera cover, and you can adjust it in your way and have complete control over your privacy.

The Supra Cool 2 System exhibits five heat pipes, two 71-blade fans, 11 vents, and Thermal Paste to get 30% better cooling and maximum performance during extreme gaming conditions. Just like many high-end models in the market, AERO 15 OLED comes with 8-hours battery life when all the visual settings are kept on the peak.


If you are looking for the best gaming laptop under 2500 dollars, then don’t forget to go for a perfect amalgam of decent hardware configuration, beautiful aesthetics, and high-end performance. Gaming laptops are far more different and powerful than the usual ones, as they have to deliver you greater speeds, with the best gaming experience, within a lightweight, portable design.

All the best gaming laptops mentioned above are top-rated models, ideally suitable for hardcore gamers as they ensure excellent performance combined with a price tag of 2500 dollars. Get yourself the best laptop right now to make your gaming incredible.

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