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How to Charge a Laptop Battery without a Laptop

If you have been thinking of charging your laptop battery without a laptop, you must know whether it’s possible or not. There are times when you find yourself in crisis with a wholly drained out battery, and the laptop is not charging it. In this case, the need to know how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop becomes necessary.  Undoubtedly, it is possible to charge your laptop without a laptop in more than one way.

Although you may think that it’s a bit difficult task, we have made it very clear to you that how you can charge a laptop battery without a laptop. We mentioned everything in the following few steps, which you just have to read, and it will solve all of your queries.

When there is a need for how to charge your laptop battery without a laptop

There are many reasons why we need to charge our laptop battery without a laptop. It’s a little bit dangerous too. Your laptop might not hold a charge, and the battery is old that works only on AC power. There might be something that’s broken in the adapter, and you are enabling to charge your laptop battery usually. But now, there are many ways through which you can charge your laptop’s battery without a laptop.

Here we go, with how to charge a dead laptop without a charger by charging externally or using another laptop.

Ways to charge a Laptop Battery without a Laptop

Out of many intricate and unpromising ways of charging a laptop battery, we selected two proven methods. Both of them are much easy to apply. The two ways you can use to accomplish this are:

  1. You can use an external charger with an AC adapter.
  2. Use another laptop to charge the battery.

Charging a laptops Battery Externally

Some of the detachable laptops batteries come with the ability to attach with an external battery adapter. If you have such adapters before you decide to charge its battery without being connected to a laptop, you have to make sure that there is an interface with the adapters.

Keep in mind that the pins must be compatible. Someone might think of how I can charge my laptop battery without a charger, or someone might need to charge a laptop battery without a laptop. Both are the ways, but more convenient is to charge externally with an AC adapter if your laptop consists of detachable batteries.

The manufacturers design laptop batteries differently, and they might or might not be able to charge laptop externally with such adapters.

This charging of laptop method only works within the laptops having detachable batteries. The laptops with internal batteries perform differently. There is a non-availability of external chargers for these laptops in the market.

Some key Advantage of using Externally Rechargeable Laptop Batteries:

Not all laptops available in the market come with detachable batteries. But some of them constitute this feature. Before you hook up with this charging method, you need to be aware of the advantages of using externally rechargeable laptop batteries.

It is always advised to keep extra or more laptop batteries to help in spare times of need. It is a solution for those who ensure that their laptops are powered on, despite having an electrical power failure.

Thus, having a battery that can be recharged externally without getting attached to the laptop is essential in many ways:

During traveling

suppose if you are traveling and there is no option to charge your laptop, you can easily charge an extra battery and power it with your battery.

In the classroom

The main advantage of charging a dead laptop without a charger is using the externally rechargeable laptop batteries. In classes, there might be no plug-in source, and we need to use a laptop for a whole day, then the rechargeable battery is the most convenient option for you.

To use a Similar Laptop to charge the battery

If you are entirely failed in using the externally rechargeable battery method, this could be another option you can avail of. Here’s another method for you. Using a similar laptop to charge the laptop’s battery is another way.

What you need is an extra working laptop similar to your current laptops model. Although, this method is not much convenient as you cannot have a new working laptop along with you every time. It is much difficult for people who love traveling and also for students to have an extra laptop along with them in the classroom. Some people might not afford to have an extra laptop with them, so it is not a straightforward method to use.

My opinion is that the best way to charge your laptop battery without a laptop is by using an AC adapter, the externally rechargeable battery method. Keep an extra battery with you so that while one is on charging, the other is powering your laptops. Detachable batteries have this convenient feature.

First, you need to know what the Model of your laptop is:

Before heading forward, you should know the information on your laptop. A laptop’s data is available in the device manual that is provided to you when you purchased your laptop, or you can find it somewhere in the control panel. People who think how to charge laptop battery without a charger, need to look upon the information and Model their laptop is built with:

To find the MODEL of your laptop in the system information, you can try by following simple steps given below:

  • You can easily access the system information in Windows 7 by clicking on the This PC option at the start menu and then selecting Properties.
  • It’s easy to find your laptops Model from the control panel or using the system information tool.
  • First of all, power on the laptop and open Control panel from the start menu.
  • Click the option titled System and Security. This will launch the System Information panel.
  • When you are done verifying the information, you can quickly go to the website and purchase an AC adapter connector or a new battery that meets your specifications.

How about thinking of some non-removable internal batteries

The more the technology is expanding; laptops are being invented with more versatile and sturdy features. Most of the new laptops now come with internal batteries that are non-removable. They have replaced the detachable laptop batteries as they are highly light weighted and slim with the advanced features they contain.

If you have a laptop with a non-removable internal battery, then it is almost impossible to charge this laptop battery without a laptop. However, if you are a technician, only then you can do this. For this, you need a lot of experience as opening and fixing batteries is not an easy task that everyone can do or else just have a functional laptop so that you don’t need to do this.

Moreover, using this method is highly costly as you will need tools and instruments to open the battery, and then you will charge with a detachable charger that is almost a hectic task. But let’s say you are an expert, and you can remove the battery and, at the same time, create a contraption with the same voltage and current rating as the battery, then you may essentially achieve the charging.

However, it is highly advised that removing the internal batteries of your laptop without an expert can be very dangerous. Playing around with the cells is highly unrecommended.

Frequently asked questions

How can I charge my laptop battery without a charger?

There are many different ways to charge your laptop without a charger:

  • Charge your laptop with a power bank
  • You can charge your laptop with USB ports.
  • You can charge the laptop in your car as well.

What kind of care does a new battery require?

The battery needs attention when it arrives. The battery comes in discharged condition. So it needs to be charged first before using. You need to charge your battery fully for 12 hours so that it will reach its full capacity and will function properly.

Which of both ways is more efficient in charging a battery of laptops without a laptop?

People often ask how to charge a dead laptop without a charger.  There are two ways to charge your laptop battery without a laptop. In our opinion, a more efficient way is to use external rechargeable batteries to charge your laptop. It is not much dangerous and, at the same time, not much costly. You can easily detach your battery from the laptop, recharge it, and then use it again. Having an extra rechargeable battery is advised for more efficient use.


How to charge a laptop battery without a laptop is yet the most important thing people want to know. However, to solve that problem, we have found two most accessible ways to charge your laptop battery without a laptop. Other than these two ways, you have to open up your laptop battery and charge them separately. It’s quite a complicated and dangerous method, so we do not recommend it. It is highly critical for people who do not know electronics well.

The battery is a volatile object with severe warnings. Therefore, without any prior knowledge, don’t play with it. For this reason, we have told you every information you need before charging the battery.  As soon as you get used to this, it will become more convenient for you.

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